“I wish somebody would have talked to me earlier about consent.”

Let me help take away the awkwardness of talking to your teen about consent so you can be that somebody for them.


I've heard that same phrase over and over from parents.

"I wish someone would have talked to me about consent."

They wish it was more present in the pop culture...

They wish they had educational programs...

They wish their parents had talked to them...

What if, one day, your teen grows up to say that same thing:

"I just wish somebody would have talked to me about it."

And why don't we talk about it more with our kids?

Because you feel that knot in your stomach already, don't you? Hey, I'm a parent too... I absolutely get those nerves.

Teens are super easy to talk to, right? 😬

As you already know, often, the hardest conversations are the most important ones. But you keep hearing that voice in your head when it comes time to have the difficult conversation with your teen about body autonomy, consent, and the power they have to say no.

You think...

  • "What if they just roll their eyes, and it goes in one ear and out the other?"
  • "What if I explain it wrong, and it goes over their heads?"
  • "What if I scare them, and they're never able to trust anyone ever again?"

Or...and this only proves the importance of having this conversation...

  • "What if I'm already too late?"

First, the good news. You aren't alone. I've talked to far more parents than I can count that share these exact fears. 

Second, the better news: 

I can have the hardest parts of that conversation with your teen for you--with exactly the right information, presented step-by-step, that'll be something they will listen to and are empowered by. 

They will gain the knowledge and permission to practice Wholehearted Consent even if you have no idea how to start that conversation. 

But first, a little about me...


I'm Elizabeth Smart--bestselling author, advocate, and victim no more -- founder of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. In 2002, I was kidnapped and held prisoner for 9 months. To say that my life changed forever is an understatement. I fight for change related to child abduction, recovery programs, and national legislation that includes promoting the National AMBER Alert, The Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act, and other safety legislation. 

I believe change starts at home between you and your teen.

But you don't have to do this alone.

You have enough going on, juggling the struggles of parenting a teen. That's why I wanted to develop a course that allowed me to tackle the tricky parts of talking about consent for you.

Not only do I want to make it easy on you (and your teen), but I also want to present it in a way that will allow them to take away important skills for their future. 

So let's take a look at what might be holding you back one more time. 

What if your teen won't listen or thinks this is "cringey?"

Laughing things off is an easy way to avoid thinking about tough realities. 

We all do it, and your teen is no different. 

It might be easy for them to brush aside something like this when a parent tells them. You've heard it before...they say, "I KNOW..." After all, it's just mom and dad worrying too much again, right?

They'll listen to me and my advice because my story isn't just some story. It's real. 

And suddenly, that makes it real for them too.

What if you explain it all wrong and they don't understand?

Ok...a question in response: 

What if a purposefully designed course, created by someone who has advocated for consent and change for over 20 years, presented that information for you?

If there were a roadmap to take your teen (and you) by the hand, you wouldn't have to worry about how to say things right.

What if you scare them?

It's hard to let go and be OK with letting your teen face harsh realities about this world.

But like anything that requires a little bit of safety, the preparation outweighs any anxiety.

When you board a flight, you don't want to think about having an emergency water landing or what happens if all the pressure suddenly rushes out of the cabin. 

But if something does happen, you'll be prepared with instructions before the take off. 

The same applies here. Your teen will be better equipped to deal with turbulence in their relationships and social life if they have the proper warning, training, and instruction first. 

And...what if it's too late? What if something has already happened?

I'm married, have three beautiful children, and live a life full of love, hope, and trust. 

I lived through a hell no one deserves to experience for 9 months. 

I am living proof that no matter what they've been through, there is always a way back. 

Establishing consent and boundaries isn't a one-time skill. It's a practice to establish throughout life.

Here's the thing...

Teaching your teen about consent doesn't have to be awkward, painful, or overwhelming... because I can do it for you.

 I’m here to help you!

You don’t have to worry about getting it all right, perfectly covering each topic, or dealing with eye rolls and sassy remarks that can come from this conversation.

By using my story of being a survivor of abduction and sexual abuse as well as my experience being an advocate to end sexual victimization, I break down the importance of consent.

All you have to do is encourage your teen to watch it and participate in the easy activities (that aren’t "cringey," but rather built off what I learned from my own experience.)

That’s it.

Here’s how…

Introducing Wholehearted Consent–an easy-to-understand, values-aligned course that equips your teen with the skills to practice consent.


Consent isn't black and white. It's more than just saying no emphatically or yes enthusiastically.

Trying to explain those ins and outs is so difficult. The Wholehearted Consent Course dives into this nuance in 6 modules that take your teen step-by-step.

Establishing consent isn't a one-time event.  It's about building that skillset into their mentality so that they can be prepared to be authentically in charge of their bodily autonomy and be able to respect others' too. 


Thus most assignments are journaling exercises. Ensure your teen has a notebook, a note app, or audio/video app so that they can record their responses privately. Encourage whichever method works best for them to process their thoughts.

This course is hosted on Kajabi, a learning platform with a great app available on all operating systems. Your teen can complete this course anywhere. At home, in the bathroom, on the bus, while out and about, truly anywhere they take their phone with them.

In this module, I’ll tell my kidnapping story, one of the most followed child abduction cases ever. 

They’ll learn about the opportunity to keep themselves and others safe by practicing wholehearted consent and by being an active bystander.

Did you know that no state in the USA has the same definition of consent as another? Some states don’t even have a definition!

Your teen will learn how many consent definitions there are and why they must take the initiative and communicate their expectations with partners.

Being a teenager is tough, even before you consider handling negative peer pressure. 

By challenging students to work on their self-awareness via journaling, students will gain the self-insights and skills needed to make authentic life decisions, even when it’s unpopular.

Boundaries are more than just preventing unwanted touches and premature experiences. Boundary-setting skills help foster healthy relationships. 

In this module, your teen will define their boundaries, communicate them directly, and uphold them, even when it’s tough.

Consent is a two-sided practice. Each person must learn to communicate their needs, boundaries, and expectations. 

From boundary setting to handling rejection graciously, this module challenges your teen to become a stellar communicator

Why is consent so difficult to practice? Because humans are dynamic and situations are complex.

I end this course by talking about some grey areas regarding consent–Large age-gap relationships, sex while under the influence, and power dynamics, to name a few.

How much does Wholehearted Consent Cost? 

Wholehearted Consent is more than a series of videos for your teen to blow through and go about their business.

I'm here to teach them about their personal boundaries and develop skills that will help them every single day.

It's about engaging their thought process in a way that makes what they learned second-nature to them.

And I want you to have the peace of mind that your teen is respecting themselves and others— without breaking the bank for that instruction. 

That’s why I’ve set the price of Wholehearted Consent to the low rate of $99 for an entire year’s worth of access. 

Click here to get the Wholehearted Consent Course today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions I’ve gotten from other parents that might help you as you decide if this is right for your teen: 

What makes this different from other courses on consent I’ve seen? 

Consent seems straightforward, it’s an ongoing agreement between two parties. On paper, it’s really quite simple. What is complex is helping people understand they are worthy of being respected and gaining the self-confidence they need to stand up for themselves. This course focuses on the self-awareness, communication, and boundary-setting skills students need to practice wholehearted consent. 

How will I know if the content is too “adult” for my teen?

You know, I will always defer to you as a parent on that. You know your kid best. If you are okay with your teen knowing my abduction story and how I was raped and abused daily, then know that the rest of the topics covered are not any more adult than that. 

Will this course resonate for students who are LGBTQ or identify as non-binary?

Yes! Knowing how complex love and relationships are, I knew I could not spell out every sexual and dating scenario that even a cis-gendered straight person would face. Thus, I focused on helping students build socio-emotional skills like self-awareness, boundary setting, and communication which are critical in practicing consent. Everyone, no matter their gender or orientation, can benefit from growing in these areas.


Click here to get the Wholehearted Consent Course today!


…knowing your teen has the skills and confidence to navigate their lives respecting their own boundaries and those of others. 

…your teen is building deeper trust with you and others they have relationships with because they respect themselves and can authentically navigate their social lives. 

…the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your teen has the proper preparation before those late nights out with friends. 

Protect your teens and others from unwanted sexual advances and other boundary violations. 

Wholehearted consent is now open—you’ll have access to the entire course instantly!

You won’t be able to constantly be with your teen and make every decision for them—but you can prepare them with the knowledge that lasts a lifetime. 

Sign up for Wholehearted Consent, and let me do the heavy lifting of teaching your teen about consent today.

In Hope,

Prepare and protect your teen from unwanted advances and boundary violations.  


Get Wholehearted Consent today!


Click here to purchase the Wholehearted Consent Course today!

What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

Honestly, it gave me a really great perspective. I haven't dated anyone yet, but when I do, I now know what I'm okay with and how to communicate it. 

Female, 17

"I liked that this course was so thorough, there were many scenarios and concepts I had never considered before. Now I won't be surprised when I dating someone. I know my worth and my boundaries. I feel good about my ability to stick to them.

Female, 16


The value exercises definitely helped me understand where I want to set boundaries and what I don't want in a relationship. Actually, I think it will help me in a lot of areas in life. 

Male, 16

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